Alphabet Letter E © A composite illustation comparing the 'Scales of Justice' and the majuscule letter E.

The letters of our alphabet are a set of Pagan religious icons derived from the legend of Isis and Assur.

The (majuscule) capital letter E is a Picture of the scales of judgment.

A composite illustration comparing the 'Scales of Justice' and the majuscule letter E.

Assur was the judge of the dead.

A partial version of the classical Judgment Scene including the 'Scales of Justice.'
In the final judgment ceremony in the hall of truth, Assur weighed the hearts of the deceased upon the "Scales of Justice" in balance against the feather of truth.

According to the foundation legend of Egypt, Assur(Osiris) was the first king of the first kingdom on earth. A company of evil conspirators murdered Assur. They hacked his body into pieces and scattered his severed parts. Isis collected the scattered parts of Assur, put them together, and resurrected Assur from the dead. Pagan religion, Pagan culture and Pagan civilizations all over the world traced their origins to the resurrection of Assur. The "divine kings" of ancient times traced their genealogy to the trinity of gods, Assur, Isis, and Heru. They traced their divinity to the resurrection of Assur.
See the Pagan Genesis page on this web site for a further discussion of the world wide genesis of Pagan religion, culture and civilizations.

Isis copulated with her resurrected king. From that union she conceived and begat their son, Heru. Heru went on to become the progenitor of the Pharaohs. Isis went on to become the Earth Mother Goddess (i.e. the Pagans' Eve). Assur went on to become King of Heaven, King of Hell, and Judge of the Dead. The Egyptian belief in a final judgment and life after death was founded on the resurrection of Assur. The construction of the pyramids and other monumental art of Egypt was founded on the resurrection of Assur. The Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus, a Final Judgment, and life after death is rooted in Pagan religion, not in Judaism.

In the Pagan pictographic alphabet the majuscule "Capital" letters are heaven symbols. The small (minuscule) letters are earth symbols.

An illustration relating small letter 'e' to a human eye
The minuscule letter e is a picture of a human eye.

The minuscule letter e represents a human eye seen in profile.

An illustration showing small letter 'e' and head in profile

In the system that is the Pagan pictographic alphabet, the meanings of the letters are mainly related to the majuscule letters. The letter E beginning our word Equal helps convey the meaning of the word. The sounds are usually derived from the small letters. In the Judgment Scene where Assur is depicted weighing the hearts of the dead on the scales of justice, the scales make no sound. The Judgment Scene is as silent as a tomb.
The sound of e is derived from the sound of crying.

According to the Pagan foundation legend, Thoth was the "scribe of the gods." Scribes of the Thoth school created our alphabet. They tried to relate the sounds of the letters to natural sounds that wouldn't change with each passing generation. Much of the work of early linguists was to standardize and stabilize languages which naturally tend to change swiftly over time. In an illiterate society that has no writing system to stabilize the language, the changes that can occur in a language in just a few generations can be amazing. Although the sound of every baby's cry is different from the sound every other baby's cry, the sound of babies crying remains essentially unchanging over eons of time.

In visual language, the word DeeD is a pretty good picture of hand-eye coordination.

A word-picture of DeeD with two hands and a pair of eyes.

Resurrect Isis. Her religion is universal WorldCulture. Her language is universal Visual Language. Her message is Love.

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