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The evil god Set and a company of conspirators murdered Assur. They hacked his body into pieces and scattered his severed parts. Isis gathered together Assur's scattered parts and resurrected him from the dead.

Assur's parts are now letters of the alphabet.

The majuscule (capital) letter O is a picture of the eye of Assur.

Enlarged eye of Assur.

"Seeing is believing." "I know what I see." Eyes are wisdom symbols in the Pagan religion.

Assur, a Mesopotamian king, predynastic Isis, and a Sumerian king, all with accented eyes

In Pagan art, the eyes were often accentuated to emphasize the wisdom of their leaders and gods.

The old Pagan religion was ancestral religion. Ancestral religion was wisdom religion. In the Pagan religion, wisdom was the main characteristic that set humans apart from, and above, the animals of the forest. Pagan ancestors were deified and revered as gods because they were enlightened beings. They were wise. Assur was the founding ancestor of the old Pagan religion. Assur was wise. Eyes and animals with powerful eyesight were wisdom symbols. The eye of Assur represents the wisdom of Assur.

Assur was the original ancestral god. He was the original deified ancestor. Assur was the first patriarch, the first king of the first kingdom on earth. He was literally the founding father of human civilization. Assur wasn't the first man on earth. He was the first "wise man." Assur was the original Homo sapien. Before scientists used the name Homo sapiens as a scientific term, Homo sapiens were descendants of Assur. Homo sapiens were the original "once-wise" Pagans before Isis transformed us into Homo sapiens sapiens, "twice-wise" humans.

Human civilization didn't just "evolve" out of human nature. Humans aren't naturally civilized. Human civilization is built upon the works and teachings of a few enlightened beings. There were enlightened humans on this planet before Moses and Jesus. Those enlightened beings built those civilizations that existed before Moses or Jesus. There were probably enlightened humans guiding the course of humankind way back in prehistoric times. Assur was the first enlightened, "Avatar," of the historical era following the melt down of the Ice Age.

The minuscule letter o is a picture of the an earth person's eye.

An earth person's eye. The sound of letter o is derived by pursing the lips to form an o while making the o sound.


Like the letter N, the letter O sometimes fills a determinative role in our languages.

Heru is the Son in the Pagan family trinity of gods. In some languages, the letter N, the striding legs of Heru, serves as a son-determinative in words and names. Adding the son-determinative N to the name America results in an American son of America. In other cases, the letter N serves as a masculine gender-determinative in relation to names. In some languages, the names Marion and Julian are the masculine counterparts to the feminine names Maria and Julia.

An earth person's eye. A pregnant a figure from Alphabet A page Romance languages like Spanish and Italian use the letter o, the eye of Assur, as a masculine gender-determinative for nouns and names. In the Romance languages, the letter o serves as the masculine counterpart to the feminine letter a. In those languages, the names Mario and Julio are the masculine counterparts to the feminine names Maria and Julia.


The Biblical tale of Adam and Eve is a misinterpreted version of the legend of Assur and Isis. According to the Biblical tale of Genesis, Adam was the first human being on earth. In the Bible, man was not born of woman as men are born in nature. In the Bible, woman was born of man. In the Pagan religion, Assur was not the first human being on earth who fathered humankind without a womb. Assur was the first human who was wise. He was the first enlightened human. He fathered all of humankind who are wise . . . but not from his rib.

Assur was "once-wise". Assur's singular wisdom was in procreating the first bloodline of the first kings of the first civilization. The "Arabic" number one is a picture of the phallus of Assur.

Resurrect Isis. Her language is visual language. Her message is wisdom. Her love can heal the world.

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