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Welcome to the Resurrct Isis website.

This is the hub of this web site. It contains a complete table of contents. All pages can be reached from this hub. All pages are linked back to this hub. Unlike a book, it isn't necessary to begin at the beginning and read to the end. This site is designed so that anyone can begin anywhere and explore the site from there. Individual pages are cross linked to other pages that are related by subject. Thereby, someone can follow the thread of an argument throughout the site without returning to the hub.

Reading the Home Page and a few concept pages first is recommended. The Home page provides a brief biography of who Isis was beyond "mythology". The concept pages define the scope and purpose of the Resurrct Isis website.

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Pagan Evolution

Why Resurrect Isis?

Universal Language

Visual Language

The Egyptian Resurrection

The Genesis of Isis
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Pagan Alphabet P2L


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The Ice Age

The First Kingdom


Tower of Babel

Babel of Tongues

Isis in North America

Isis in Central America
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Isis in Ireland

Isis in England

Special Links

Dedication and Gratitude

Artist Needed Job Ad

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