A masked portion of the Narmer Palette

The Roman alphabet is pictographic. The letters of the alphabet are a set of religious symbols derived from Egyptian religion.
(The Roman alphabet is not derived from Egyptian hieroglyphics. The letters are pictures of Egyptian religious icons.)

An image of the spirit of the Assur(Osiris) living on in the Apis Bull. Assur(Osiris) being hailed as a bull in hieroglyphics
Assur(Osiris) being hailed as the ancestral "bull" of the noble bloodline of Amenta.

In this discussion, the name "Pagans" refers to people of a specific religion and genealogy, not just to rustic country folks whom our dictionaries define as "pagans". The Pagan religion was a mixture of genealogy, politics, and education based largely on ancestor worship. It was not the "idolatry" and "animalism" that Biblical religion has made it out to be. The Pagans revered their ancestors who were the founders and architects of their culture. Assur was the ancestral Father God of the Pagans. Assur is often pictured as a bull. Assur's descendants didn't "worship" bulls any more than Christians "worship" crosses. The bull, with its impressive gonads, was a symbol of Assur's procreative powers.

Isis resurrected Assur(Osiris) from the dead.

The resurrection of Assur(Osiris) was the foundation legend of Egypt. It was an allegorical tale. The legend of Assur was a verbal record of their ancient history as they knew it. According to the foundation legend, Assur was the first king of the first kingdom on earth. A company of evil conspirators murdered Assur. They hacked his body into pieces and scattered his severed parts afar. Isis collected the scattered parts of Assur, put them back together, and resurrected Assur from the dead.

Isis copulated with her resurrected king. From that union she conceived and begat their son, Heru. The "divine kings" of ancient times traced their genealogy to the trinity of gods, Assur, Isis, and Heru. They traced their divinity to the resurrection of Assur. Heru went on to become the male ancestor of the Pharaohs. Isis went on to become the Earth Mother Goddess (i.e. the Pagans' Eve). Assur went on to become King of Heaven, King of Hell, and Judge of the Dead. The Egyptian belief in a life after death, a final judgment, and the whole process of pyramid building in Egypt was based on the resurrection of Assur.

The classical Judgment scene where Assur weighs the heart of a deceased person on the scales of Justice.
The scattered parts of Assur that Isis gathered for his resurrection have found their way into our alphabet.

At least 13 of the letters of the Roman alphabet are visible in just this segment of the classical Judgment Scene. The large (majuscule) letter "G" represents the head of Assur, the "O" is his eye, the "J" is his beard, The "L" is his leg, and so forth. Parts of Isis are also letters of the alphabet. Not all letters of the alphabet are body parts. Some of the letters are religious icons derived from the surrounding body of legend and art and are not always pictured in the Judgment Scene.

Assur was the Father God "Begetter" of the Pagans.
The gonads were among the parts of Assur that Isis gathered for his resurrection.

One of Assur's many titles in hieroglyphics from The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The (majuscule) capital letter B represents the gonads of Assur.

An illustration depicting the letter B as it relates to a pair of human gonads

The pictographic Roman alphabet is a set of heaven symbols and earth symbols.

Paganism was an ancestral religion. All that happened in the Pagan world happened among people who were descendants of Isis via the B gonads of Assur which she had retrieved for his resurrection. The large (majuscule) letters are heaven symbols. The small (minuscule) letters are earth symbols. Assur was the King of Heaven. The (majuscule) capital letter B, Assur's gonads, is a heaven symbol. Assur and his descendants established a far flung empire of related Pagan kingdoms on earth. The small (minuscule) letter b is an earth symbol.

The minuscule letter b is a picture of a mace. It represents a stone-headed mace like those Assur and his descendants used to establish their ancient empire.

An illustration depicting the minuscule letter b as it relates to the mace in King Narmer's hand

The sound of letter b is derived from the sound of stone bashing bone. The words bash, bang, battle, batter, beat, break, bust, blow, and many other b words contain visual imagery and the sound of the mace that is letter b. This is visual language.

The meltdown of the Ice Age was the seminal event that led to human civilization.
See the The Ice Age  page on this website for a further discussion of this subject.

Some parts of the Assur legend go all the way back to the meltdown of the Ice Age. Assur's reputation as the inventor of agriculture identifies him as a prehistorical figure who was already ancient at the dawn of dynastic Egypt, when Isis "resurrected" him. The meltdown of the Ice Age raised sea levels and flooded vast grasslands. It changed the migrations of vast herds of bison and other animals, and eliminated the hunting economies of the predators that depended upon them. Our ancestors were forced to find new economies to replace the hunting and gathering economies that had sustained them for a million years. The period of upheaval and struggle following the melt down of the Ice Age was a violent age. Assur brought order into the chaos. Assur and his descendants conquered and bred widely. His descendants established the first kingdoms on earth. Their gonads (B) and their weapons (b) were their empire building tools. By love and by war, Assur and his descendants established a far-flung empire of related kingdoms.

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and when daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. . . There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children unto them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." (Genesis 6: 1-4.)     Those "sons of God" were sons of Father God Assur establishing their kingdoms.

Isis as lover and protectress There is no government on this planet that did not establish itself in power by force of arms. Isis is the only conqueror who ever conquered more by love than by war. Minions of Isis were able to convince the rulers and leading families of the ancient kingdoms that it was in their best interests to take the genius daughters of Isis into their bloodlines for their queens. For a brief period following the Genesis of Isis, when the ruling families of the Pagan kingdoms were descendants of the gods via the bloodline of Isis, her "resurrected" empire did enjoy a Golden Age of peace.

Resurrect Isis.   Let us have a Golden Age of peace.

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