A council of ancestors

The Roman alphabet is pictographic. The letters of the alphabet are a set of religious symbols derived from Egyptian religion.

The Roman alphabet is not derived from Egyptian hieroglyphics. The letters are pictures of Egyptian religious icons. The capital (majuscule) letters are heaven symbols. The small (minuscule) letters are earth symbols.

A cropped portion of the classical Judgment Scene where Assur renders the final judgment of a deceased person.
The (majuscule) capital letter C represents the "company of gods" that adorns the walls of the judgment chamber where Assur renders judgment of the dead. This is a council of ancestors.

A circle of elders or "council circle" governed the ancient tribes. The majuscule letter C represents a council circle.

A tribal council-circle
A tribal council-circle of the kind the letter C pictures.

From Hawaii to Mongolia, Stone circle council-circles of Hawaii and Mongolia

from ancient Ireland to contemporary America, A stone circle council-circle of pre-Roman Ireland and a college round table council-circle of contemporary America

and to the United Nations of today,
The council circle of the United Nations Security Council

governments have been council circles from prehistorical times to the present.

Although companies of gods as they are depicted in the classical Judgment Scene in Egyptian art do not look much like council circles, that is nevertheless what they were and what the letter capital letter C represents.

In most cases the sounds of the letters are related to small letters, the earth symbols, rather than the heaven symbols.

An illustration comparing the minuscule letter c and a human ear. The majuscule letters are heaven symbols. The minuscule letters are earth symbols. The minuscule earth symbol c is a picture of a human ear. The ear is listening to the counsel of the gods.

The scribes of the Thoth school who invented the alphabets faced a difficult challenge in trying to create pictures of sounds that were not just meaningless squiggles. Creating symbols that had religious meaning as well as phonetic value made their task ever more daunting. In many cases the sounds of the letters are clearly related to the pictures. In some cases, it takes some imagination to connect the sound to the symbol.

The sound of letter c is the sound of whispering. The gods of the council-circle were the souls of departed ancestors. The gods gave their counsel in whispers. Their message was wisdom. They expected people to listen.


What was Noah's Ark?

An artist's rendition of Noah's Ark.

Was Noah's Ark really a wooden boat as a literal interpretation of the Bible asserts that it was? Was it a "ship of state"? Was it a government? Was it an arch as in "monarch"?

The majuscule letter C is an arc. It is part of a circle. The majuscule letter C represents the government of the ancient empire that Assur founded. Assur was a departed ancestor. The gap in the circle represents Assur's place in the governing body. He was present in the spirit but not in the flesh. According to his legend, Assur was the first king of the first kingdom on earth. Assur's arc "C" was a ship of state. It was an arch as in monarch.

The Biblical tale of Noah's Ark is another version of the Assur legend as handed down in the oral history of a culture other than Egyptian.

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