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Parts of Isis are also letters of the alphabet.

The letters of the alphabet are Pagan religious icons. The capital (majuscule) letters are heaven symbols. EarthMother Isis is a Goddess. The Goddess is of the heaven. Her parts are heaven symbols.

The majuscule (capital) letter M is a picture of the cuneal midsection of Mother Isis.

An illustration relating the majuscule M to the cuneal midsection of Mother Isis

Isis is the EarthMother Goddess, mother of all mankind. She didn't start out as a Goddess. The Pagans didn't deify an ancestor, especially an ancestress, without a good reason. Isis started out as the daughter of a low ranking wife or concubine in the household of an East African king. First, she rose to power in the kingdom where she was born. Her descendants became the reigning dynasty of that kingdom. From there, the genesis of Isis spread to other kingdoms. Over the course of several thousands of years, the genesis of Isis went everywhere. Today, we all share genes-of-Isis.

The genesis of Isis began as a family affair. The original Isis was born a genius. People around her wanted to have her mental powers. They set upon a breeding program to preserve and propagate her genius in their family bloodline. In the course of time, that family built up a line of genius progeny. They were not equal to the original Isis, but they were more intelligent than the other Homo sapiens of their time. That family of Homo sapiens sapiens who were more intelligent than the other Homo sapiens became the ruling family of other kingdoms.

According to the Pagan foundation legend, Isis resurrected Assur from the dead. She copulated with her resurrected king and from that union she begat the line of kings who were the Pharaohs of Egypt. Isis was not just an Egyptian goddess. She was a Pagan goddess. Her bloodline became the royal bloodline of all of the ancient Pagan kingdoms. The Pagan kings were "divine" kings. They all traced their ancestry to the gods. Although they called their ancestral deities by different names in different cultures, the Pagan kings were all descendants of Assur and Isis.

Before Isis, there was a pre-historical empire that Assur and his descendants founded. By the time Isis was born, that empire had fallen into disarray. There was inner strife within the kingdoms and warfare between the kingdoms. The genesis of genes-of-Isis to all of those kingdoms was intended to reunite Assur's ancient family into a peaceful world family of royalty who were not at war among themselves. That was the resurrectin of Assur. It worked for a while. There was a "Golden Age" of peace in the Pagan world when cities were built without walls.

Isis is the goddess of love and wisdom. Isis is the only conqueror who ever conquered more by love than by war. In the beginning, it appears that descendants of Isis conquered the Arean kingdom in the Nile Delta by force and founded MisUrRe Egypt there. However, according to Plutarch's version of the legend of Assur and Isis (c. 50 AD), Assur left Egypt and traveled over the world teaching the various nations to do what his own subjects were doing. He forced no one to carry out his instructions, but by means of gentle persuasion and an appeal to their reason, he succeeded in inducing them to practice what he preached.

Apparently, many of the pre-historical Arean kingdoms of Mesopotamia and the Levant joined the genesis of Isis without war. They saw the advantage of being more intelligent than their ancestors were. Farming, writing, and healing were some of the civilized arts that dispersed throughout the world with the genesis of Isis. In Europe, the goddess Ceres weaned men from their diet of acorns and introduced them to grain. The name Ceres (Ser-es) is a combined form of Assur + Isis.

For good reason Isis was deified as a goddess.

The minuscule letter m depicts a pair of human breasts.

An illustration relating the minuscule letter m to a woman's breasts

A nursing child A nursing child

The majuscule letters are heaven symbols. The minuscule letters are earth symbols. The EarthMother Goddess is of heaven. A human mother is of the earth. A human mother's parts are earth symbols.

Mother, madam, mama, mom, all mammals have mammries. In the system of the alphabet, the sounds of the letters are usually apparent in the earth symbols. Such is the case with the minuscule letter m. Although a nursing child makes no typical m sound, the sound is inferred from the labial activity of nursing compared to the labial formation of the lips in making the m sound.

A picture word of 'Ma'

In visual language, the letters m and a combine to make a picture word that is a very clear picture of its meaning. The name ma is a familiar name for mother over a wide spectrum of languages and cultures. All of the languages that use the Roman alphabet use ma as a familiar form of mother. In Chinese and Japanese, ma is a familiar form of mother. It would be intersting to know if any of the pre-European native languages of North America and New Guinea used ma to mean mother.

Resurrect Isis. Her message is love. Her way is the way of wisdom. May the light of her love and wisdom guide us to a new "Golden Age" of peace and prosperity on this earth that leaves out no part of humankind.

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