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The letter V represents a daughter or virgin.

The majuscule (capital) letter V is a picture of the cuneal midsection of Isis as a young maiden.

The majuscule letter M symbolizes Isis as the Mother Goddess. The majuscule letter V symbolizes a daughter of the Mother Goddess or the Mother Goddess as a virgin.

An array of goddesses from lands other than Egypt

Daughters of Isis carried the Genesis of Isis to different peoples of many lands.

There was a Genesis of Isis. The original Isis was born a natural genius. Descendants of Isis disseminated her genius genes to the rest of the world. That was the Genesis of Isis. The name Genesis and the word genius are both derived from genes-of-Isis. The genesis of Isis was a program of selective breeding that introduced her genius genes into the bloodlines of the royal families and leading families of many tribes and nations.
(See the Pagan Genesis page on this web site.)

"Daughters" of Isis carried out the Genesis of Isis. The Genesis of Isis was a gentle conquest. Isis conquered by love instead of by war. Daughters of Isis were "gift wives" who carried the genes-of-Isis to the leading families of the world. Those gift wives weren't gifts. They were "given" in negotiated marriages and alliances. The entry of one of those women into a family's bloodline was a major genetic event in the genealogy of that family. Isis' genealogy determined the political fortunes and social status of those families. At the time of the Genesis, you were nobody if you didn't have the Isis gene in your bloodline. Those gift wives were still "daughters" of Isis even though they may have been born generations after the original Isis was gone.

Those daughters of Isis were "pedigreed" descendants of the Goddess. They were certified as virgins who were not pregnant at the time of their giving. Those daughters of Isis who succeeded at producing two-browed heirs in royal bloodlines became the Mother Goddesses of those lands where their progeny ruled. Genetic studies have shown that the entire population of Europe descended from seven women.
(See The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes, Norton, 2001)

NOTE: Bryan Sykes dates the daughters of Eve to the Mesolithic period before the melt down of the Ice Age. The Pagan foundation legend dates Isis and her daughter goddesses to the Neolithic period following the melt down of the Ice Age. The different dates have yet to be rectified.

The midriff of a young girl and the letter v The minuscule letter v is a picture of the cuneal midsection of a young maiden.
The majuscule letters are heaven symbols. The small letters are earth symbols. The majuscule letter V represents a goddess. The small letter v represents a girl, a daughter, or a virgin. The small letter v is a picture of the cuneal midsection of a young maiden. The sound of letter v is derived from pursing the lips into the v shape while making the v sound.


Modern 'Birth of Venus' statue

The name of the Goddess Venus is composed of symbols for daughter+son+Isis. The name Venus identifies her as a daughter of Isis. The original Venus was one of the certified virgin daughters of Isis. Venus was a gift wife who carried the Genesis of Isis to a distant land. She became a Mother Goddess in her own right in the land where her descendants ruled. The Roman conquest incorporated Venus into the Roman pantheon as a goddess of carnal love. In Roman times, Venus was a sex symbol. But her name says who and what she originally was before there was a Roman Empire.

Ceres, the goddess of grain The Goddess Ceres was the goddess of grain who allegedly introduced grain-based agriculture into Europe. Assur was the god of grain who allegedly introduced grain agriculture to the world. The name Assur is composed of Hiss+ur, the hiss of the Sacred Asp and the whirr of hawk's wings. The name Ceres is composed of Hiss+ur+hiss, two hisses of the Sacred Asp plus the whirr of hawk's wings. Her name is a form of his name. The name Ceres, (hiss ur hiss), identifies her as a daughter of Isis and Heru. Agriculture was one of the arts of civilization that the Genesis of Isis carried to the world. The word cereal is derived from Ceres, the name of the goddess of grain.

Ceres offering grain to Venus

In conventional mythology, Venus and Ceres are both "Roman" goddesses. However, they may have been conquered goddesses. The Genesis of Isis far preceded the Roman Empire. At the time when grain culture was first spreading in Europe, Rome was just a rustic frontier settlement. Venus and Ceres are both older than the Roman Empire that claimed them as Roman goddesses. Whether or not either Venus or Ceres was a Latin goddess before she was a Roman goddess is not clear. They may both have been Mother Goddesses who were gift wives of conquered peoples.


Viva Eve! Long live the Mother Goddess! The letter V is a symbol of life and love. Isis was the EarthMother Goddess, Eve was allegedly the mother of everyone on earth. Eyes were wisdom symbols in the Pagan religion. Isis was twice-wise. She was the two-eyed goddess. Isis was the goddess of Love and the mother of other Love goddesses. The Biblical name eve is a good word-picture of a two-eyed goddess of love. The name Eve identifies her as another of the "daughters of Isis" goddesses, like Venus and Ceres, who carried the Genesis of Isis to the nations of the world.

The majuscule letter D = a hand with thumb and opposed forefinger The  picture-word 'divide'

The majuscule letter D is a picture of a hand with the opposed forefinger. (See Alphabet Page D on this web site.) The word Divide (DiViDe) makes a picture-word composed of two opposed hands with the divide of a vaginal cleft between them.


A thumbnail vignette of Mother Mary and baby Jesus How could a mother be a virgin? Isis is Biblical Eve. Virgin Mary in the Bible is another version of Isis. The name Jesus is composed of J+Isis i.e. the beard of Assur and the name of Isis. The name Jesus identifies him as a prophet of Isis. The alleged divine birth and resurrection of Jesus is clearly a play on the legend of Assur and Isis. Virgin Mary's "immaculate conception" of Jesus further reinforces that connection.
(See the Alphabet J page on this web site for a further discussion of Isis and Jesus.)

According to the Pagan foundation legend, Isis conceived Heru by Assur who was a departed ancestor. According to the conventional interpretation of the Bible, Mary conceived Jesus by the "Holy Ghost."  The Holy Ghost was Assur, the departed ancestor. The legend of Assur and Isis is the source of Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception in the Bible.

Resurrect Isis. May her love and wisdom inspire and illuminate a new Golden Age.

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