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In cultures all over the world, from ancient times to present day, girls with water jars have been features of daily life. The letter U is a picture of a water jar.

An array of girls and women carrying water jars

The majuscule (capital) letter U represents the uterus of Isis.

Illustration comparing fountain goddess pouring water from a jar and majuscule letter U

The majuscule letter U is a picture of a water jar. The water jar that letter U depicts is, so to speak, the same water jar that letter Q depicts. The letters Q and U are different "views" of the same organ. The majuscule letter Q represents the vulva of Isis. The majuscule letter U represents the uterus of Isis. This is the wellspring of life from which we all sprung.

This is why the letters Q and U always occur together in those languages that use the Roman alphabet. To depict the vulva of the Mother Goddess without her uterus would be an obscenity. That would reduce the Mother Goddess to a sex symbol. The EarthMother Goddess would be just another Hollywood style sex goddess. Isis was a great powerful enlightened being. The goddess of love is a deified ancestress who was deified for better reasons than for the pleasures of the moment.

The minuscule letter u is a picture of a water jar.

A combined image of a water jar, a maiden, and a well The majuscule letters are heaven symbols. The minuscule letters are earth symbols. The minuscule letter u is a picture of a water jar. It represents the womb of a woman on earth. The sound of letter q is derived from the sound of someone blowing across the mouth of a water jar.


The letters q and u also have secondary meanings. In Pagan religious symbolism, water represents life. The letter u also represents a well. The letter q represents the water from the well. The analogy of the womb and the well is an old one. They're both sources of life.

"The town may be changed, but the well cannot be changed. It neither decreases nor increases. They come and go and draw from the well. . . The well is the symbol of that social structure which, evolved by mankind meeting its most primitive needs is independent of all political forms. Political structures change, as do nations, but the life of man with its needs remains eternally the same -- this cannot be changed. Life is inexhaustible. It grows neither more nor less; it exists for one and all. The generations come and go and enjoy life in its inexhaustible abundance."
Wilhelm/Baynes, the I Ching, Hexagram #48, "The Well."

In many ancient towns and villages, the well was the social center of the community. The well was the one place in town where everybody in town was sure to be at sooner or later. Any stranger entering a town would go first to the well. That is where one could get all of the local news and gossip. At the well, one could get directions to somebody's house. At the well, one could get news of other travelers. At the well, one could get directions to the next village, or learn the distance to the next well. The well was a universal part of everyone's life in that village.


The Latin word Universus is composed of U = the womb of Isis + n = a son + v = a daughter + er = Heru + sus = Isis. The English word Universe now means "whole," "all of it," "everything." In the beginning, Universus probably only meant "all people." The alphabetic symbols in the word Universus add up to the whole world family of sons and daughters of Heru and Isis from the womb of the Goddess. The word Universe that began as the name of the universal family of humankind has been extended to include everything from the macrocosm of galaxies to the microcosm of the infinitesimal.

Resurrect Isis. The womb of Isis is the well of life from which we came. The social contract of brotherly love and civil respect by which we all live sprung from the font of her teachings. Her message is love. That is the universal language.

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