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In cultures all over the world, from ancient times to present day, girls with water jars have been features of daily life. The letter Q is a picture of a water jar.

An array of girls and women carrying water jars

The majuscule (capital) letter Q represents the vulva of Isis.

Illustration including a fountain goddess pouring water from a jar and the majuscule letter Q in large type

The majuscule letters are heaven symbols. Isis is the EarthMother Goddess. The Goddess is of heaven. Parts of the Goddess are heaven symbols. The majuscule letter Q is a picture of the mouth of a water jar with a plume of water pouring forth from it. The mouth of the water jar Q represents the vulva of Isis. The plume of water pouring from the jar represents the natal waters of the Mother Goddess. This is the wellspring of life from which we all sprung.

The minuscule letter q is a picture of a girl carrying a water jar on her head or shoulder.

Two maidens carrying water jars equated to the small letter q The minuscule letters are earth symbols. A maiden carrying water from the well is of earth. The minuscule letter q is an earth symbol. The sound of letter q is derived from the sound of swallowing water.

The imagery of a maiden with a water jar has had romantic significance in cultures all over the world. In many ancient towns and villages the well was the social center of the community. That was where the young maidens made their peer group contacts and discussed their dreams with their friends. That was where the young women assimilated much of their knowledge of feminine lore. That was where boys and girls had a chance to meet away from their homes and parents. It wasn't a place of mating, but many of the preludes to marriage and mating took place at the village well.


The sound of letter q is derived from the sound of swallowing water. The sound of swallowing water has found its way into many Thothian words and names. For instance, the Latin name for water, aqua, is derived directly from the sound of swallowing water. Some of our near ancestors quenched their thirsts by quaffing tankards of ale. The words quenching and quaffing begin with the water swallowing sound. The words squish and squash also contain the swallowing sound. The name of the plant, squash, was probably originally the name of a drinking gourd that was later applied to a wide variety of plants.

In all of the languages that use the Roman alphabet, the letter q is always followed by the letter u. The reason for that is discussed under the letter u. However, the q+u sound is not always convenient in words that use the swallowing sound. Hence the water swallowing sound is not always written with the q+u combination.

Sometimes the letters c and k, or ck and ch, are used to convey the swallowing sound. The ch sound in the Scottish Loch Ness is another version of the water swallowing sound. The k sound in the English word lake is also an alternative to the q+u combination.

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A period of peace and prosperity followed the Genesis of Isis. There was a "Golden Age."

Winged sun disk without serpents With the Genesis of Isis and the spread of her bloodline in the royal families, the old Arean "sunwing" had the sacred asps of Isis added to it.

With the hiss of the asp added to its name, the UrRe became the Uraeus. Winged sun disk with serpents As the Genesis of Isis progressed through the old Arean kingdoms, the Uraeus sunwing with the serpents replaced the old UrRe sunwing without the serpents.

An Aquarian woman pouring water from a water jar with the name AQUARIUS across the illustration The name Aquarius is a compound of Aqua, water, plus the name of the sunwing Uraeus. The "Age of Aquarius" refers to a Golden Age of peace on earth. The water Aqua in the name Aquarius is a reference to the natal waters of EarthMother Isis.

Resurrect Isis. Let a new Aquarian Age be born from the womb of the Goddess.

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