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An image comparing a hawk silhouette and the number 3 An animated eagle in flight with wings flapping The Arabic number 3 is a picture of a hawk in flight.

The number three represents Heru, the hawk god. Heru was the god of action. Heru was thrice-wise. The hawk was his symbol of triple-wisdom. Triple-wisdom meant "wisdom-in-action."

Father god and mother goddess, Assur and Isis Heru, the son, in motion, striding The Golden Hawk of Heru wearing the Sacred Asp of Isis double-wisdom symbol and solar plumes Assur, Isis, and Heru were the original gods of the Pagan family genealogy. Assur was wise. Isis was twice-wise. Heru was thrice-wise. Heru was the royal son. He was the progenitor of the bloodline of divine kings. Wisdom in action is the most highly desired qualification for a king. From a man's point of view, wisdom in action is the most important qualification for any man or son. The number 3 represents Heru as the all around god of action.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of hawk symbolism in Pagan religion. Hawks were wisdom symbols and action symbols in that religion. The Pagan religion is sometimes called "the wisdom religion." Wisdom was its primary virtue. Seeing is knowing. Vision was equated with wisdom. Hawks, buzzards, cats, and other animals with powerful eyesight were wisdom symbols in Pagan religion.The hawk's powerful eyesight, its prodigious powers of flight, and its prowess as a hunter made it the ideal symbol for wisdom in action.

Heru depicted as the sun god and sun king

The hawk god served another major role in Pagan religious symbolism. The sun was another high soaring Pagan deity. Heru also represented Re, the sun god. He was the progenitor of the bloodline of divine kings who were "sun kings." Images of Heru as the sun god and as the sun king abound in Egyptian art.

The desire to fly resides deep in humankind. Our hunter/gatherer ancestors revered hawks. They desired the hawk's power to float over the brambles, gullies, hills, and streams of the hunter's terrestrial terrain. The vision of a hawk swooping down and taking its prey on the fly lent powerful imagery to their primitive hunting religions, and to their languages.

Hawk imagery and hawk symbolism is embedded in our language. The word hero is derived from the name of Heru. The word arrow is derived from 'Eru. A hawk that is soaring high overhead is silent. When a hawk dives from the sky and takes its prey, its wing feathers make an er er er sound as it thrusts to gain altitude with its load. The name 'Eru is derived from that er sound of hawk's wings thrusting to gain altitude.

The all around action syllable -er in our language is derived from the er sound of hawk's wings. In English, adding the er sound of hawk's wings to a noun like ranch transforms that stationery noun into the active noun, rancher. In Spanish, adding the name of 'Eru to rancho transforms the thing into ranch-ero, a person. In addition to nouns, verbs can also be transformed into actors by adding the er/or sound of hawk's wings. Work becomes a worker by adding the sound of hawk's wings. Any act can become an actor by adding the er/or sound of hawk's wings.

This is taken from the "Sunwing" page on this website.

Kestrel (hawk) with mouse, courtesy Ur, the hawk-god, got his name from the sound of hawk's wings.

A soaring hawk floats silently on air. After the hawk swoops down and snatches up its prey, it makes powerful wing thrusts to gain altitude carrying the load. That is the successful moment of the hunt. At that successful moment of the hunt, the hawk's wings make an ur ur ur sound as it makes those power thrusts to gain altitude. That ur sound of hawk's wings thrusting to gain altitude is the root source of Ur, the hawk-god's original name.

Re, the sun-god, got its name from Ur, the hawk-god. Hawk-god with sun disk overhead

When Assur's descendants became sun worshippers, their sun-god needed a name. A soaring hawk floats silently above the earth. The sun was also a silent high soaring deity. The sun-god got its name from the hawk-god. The name of Re, the sun-god is derived from Ur, the hawk-god's name. Re is Ur said backward. UrRe is the name of the winged sun disk without serpents.

Assur and his descendants founded a far-flung empire of related kingdoms. Those original agrarian descendants of Assur were the original UrRe-ans. Their name UrReans defines them as followers of the hawk-god and sun-god religion.

Resurrect Isis. Let her wisdom be our guide to action. Let her love unite the world into a WorldCulture "Global Village" civilization with a universal language.

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