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For better or for worse, we are heirs of a violent heritage.

The majuscule (capital) letter K is the king.

An array of kings from the first dynasty to the last King Narmer from Alphabet B page wielding a mace

Egyptian art from thirty dynasties over three thousand years depicts kings wielding maces bashing the skulls of captives.

The Narmer palette from the Alphabet B page shows King Narmer establishing the first Egyptian kingdom along the Nile. (There were earlier non-Egyptian kingdoms along the Nile River.) The letters B and K are closely related. They both represent Assur as the first king of the first hereditary kingdom on earth. The majuscule letter B represents Assur's gonads. All of the early kings were progeny of the seed of Assur's gonads. The minuscule letter b represents the mace in the king's hand. The majuscule letter K represents the king in mace wielding stance. The majuscule letter J symbolizes the king as judge and giver of laws. The majuscule letter K symbolizes the king as head of the army.

Notice the sacred asp of Isis striking from the forehead of king Den. Notice the hawk god above the scene. The kings of the first dynasty were descendants of Isis and Heru. Isis was born a genius. In the beginning a single family incorporated her genius characteristics into their bloodline. That family rose to power in the African kingdom where she was born. That royal family became strong enough to conquer the UrRean kingdom in the Nile Delta. That was the beginning of Mis-Ur-Re Egypt. In time, that family became the royal family of "divine kings" the world over.

The minuscule letter k is a picture of a throne .

A common view of Isis with a throne atop her head. The majuscule letters are heaven symbols. The minuscule letters are earth symbols. The throne that Assur occupies in the traditional Judgment Scene is the throne of heaven. The throne atop Isis' head represents the thrones of the earthly kingdoms of her descendants. The throne atop her head identifies her as the matriarch of the royal family and her principles as the foundation of the throne.

According to legend, it was Isis who taught womankind the art of making bread. The hieroglyphic form of her name is a throne, an egg, and a loaf of bread.

The sound of letter K is derived from the glottal stop grunt-of-effort from a man wielding a mace.


Homo sapiens sapiens is a new species.

Isis was born a genius. The word genius is composed of genes-of-Isis. Her family incorporated her genius characteristics into their bloodline. Eventually, the genesis of Isis reached all of humankind. The word genesis is composed of genes-of-Isis. Isis was "twice wise." She is the ancestral mother of the species Homo sapiens sapiens, humans who are twice wise. Today, the entire genus Homo is comprised of the single species Homo sapiens sapiens. The word genus is composed of genes-of-Isis.

There are hundreds of species of primates in the world. There are many many species of monkeys. There are thirty species of lemurs just on the Island of Madagascar. Different species of gorillas and chimps occupy different ecological niches in Africa. In the past, there were multiple species of humans. Today, there is only one species of humans left on this planet. That is not entirely the result of chance.

We Homo sapiens sapiens have eliminated all other species, races, and varieties of humans from this planet. Some of our elimination of other humans was the result of direct and indirect competition for resources. Some of our replacement of other humans was carried out in a deliberate skull-bashing campaign of suppression and extermination of "inferior races." (That is an extremely touchy subject, but it is true.) We Homo sapiens sapiens are the product of deliberate human selection, not only natural selection.

Assur and his descendants conquered and bred widely. They killed the men and bred the women. By killing the men and breeding their bloodline into the wombs of conquered peoples, Assur and his kindred leveled out much of the genetic diversity of the regions they conquered. However, in that process, they became diversified themselves. They lost much of their own genetic cohesiveness.

By wielding the mace and by their gonads, Assur and his descendants established a far-flung empire of related kingdoms. They exchanged sons and daughters in marriages in order to maintain their family ties. Kings sent "gift wives" to other kings. (Isis' parted eyebrow amongst a race of single-browed Africans identifies her as the progeny of an Asian gift wife to an African king.) Those exchanges weren't sufficient to hold the family empire together. The empire bred itself apart.

When the Isis bloodline came to power in the ancient kingdoms, they took measures to prevent the new royal family from breeding itself apart again. Before the genesis of Isis, Assur and his kind were single-browed Homo sapiens. The kings of the new "resurrected" empire were two-browed Homo sapiens sapiens of the Isis bloodline. They limited their heirs to the two-browed kind.

For many generations, they bred exclusively within the family. Incest was normal practice. Midwives were trained to recognize and eliminate unfit and unwanted genetic traits. They removed single-browed babies at birth. The practice of child sacrifice in the royal line led to some difficulties. For instance, Biblical Abraham wanted to be royalty in Egypt, but he wasn't willing to sacrifice single-browed children in his bloodline. 'The sins of the fathers were visited unto the sons even to the third and fourth generations.' Single-browed heirs turning up in the royal bloodline led to some serious problems in Egyptian politics. It caused the overthrow of at least one dynasty.

A caste system resulted from the special breeding of royalty. For a long time, a superior race of two-browed Homo sapiens sapiens ruled over populations of single-browed Homo sapiens. Positions of power and influence were the exclusive rights of two-browed people. Two-browed officers led armies of single-browed soldiers who saluted their superior officers with an eyebrow parting gesture.

Gradually, genes-of-Isis trickled down to the lower races. In time, the priesthood of the Temple of Isis saw the problems and misery that the over-race/under-race division of society was causing. They took measures to spread the Isis bloodline to the lower classes. Their attempts at unification of the races came too late. Abuses of power by the over-race led to its overthrow in Egypt, Rome, and other places as well. Today, we all share genes-of-Isis.

Resurrect Isis. Evolution isn't finished. Having already taken the first step in engineering our own evolutionary process, we have no choice but to continue down that path. Let us continue EarthMother's work of unifying and elevating humankind.

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