An illustration comparing a golden ankh and number 9 The number 9 depicts the familiar ankh symbol.

A simple ankh A simple ankh silhouetted over a sun rise The original ankh figure began as a simple image of the sun breaking over the horizon at sunrise. It symbolized Assur rising from the night of death into the light of a new day. Although the ankh symbol is commonly interpreted to simply mean "life," it means more than just life.

The ankh is the symbol for resurrection to life.

An illustration tracing the evolution of the ankh from simple to complex forms.

The Egyptian religion began with the resurrection of Assur. From that simple beginning, the idea of Assur rising from the dead led to ever more complex ideas and speculation regarding life after death. The simple sunrise symbol representing that event developed into more elaborate symbolism. The simple sunrise ankh developed into the familiar "sandal strap" ankh which became the common form in Egyptian art. The sandal strap ankh was a compound symbol that represented more than just the resurrection of Assur. It also represented his travels and works after his resurrection. Although the ankh symbol evolved into more artistic and elaborate forms, it never lost its original "sunrise" significance.

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In later times, Christianity transformed the Egyptian resurrection symbol into the cross of Christ to symbolize Jesus' resurrection. The Christian resurrection was a later day chapter of the Egyptian resurrection. Christianity is a child of Mother Goddess Isis religion. The resurrection of Isis is another chapter of that religion.

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Resurrect Isis. Demographic and economic forces are driving the world toward globalization, but religious forces are needed to truly unite humankind. Militant monotheists, world-conquest ideologues, and terrorists of all kinds, think they can unite the world by force. That isn't unity. Their ideas are just competing brands of tyranny built on fear. Return to the way of the Goddess. Her love can unite the world.

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