Why resurrect Isis?

If you don't raid my village, plunder my granary, steal my cattle, poison my well, murder my parents, rape my wife, sisters, and daughters, and drag my children off into slavery; I won't raid your village, plunder your granary, steal your cattle, poison your well, murder your parents, rape your wife, sisters, and daughters, and drag your children off into slavery.

That is the basic social contract upon which all successful civilizations have been built.

Humans are a predatory species. We are the top predators on this planet. We prey on plants. We prey on animals. We prey on fish, mammals, mollusks, and on the other predators in the seas. Although humans donít generally eat a lot of insects, we prey on insect products like honey and silk, and the shells of beetles that we use for dyes.

We prey on everything including other humans. How widely cannibalism was practiced amongst our ancestors isn't clearly known, but the abolition of cannibalism was one of Assur's legendary deeds. Cannibalism has been universally suppressed so we don't eat other people, but we still prey upon their products, their labor, their lands, and their resources. Slavery is predatory behavior. Raiding other peoples' oil fields is predatory behavior. If we look at all of the war and strife that is going on in the world today, humans preying on other humans is at the root of nearly all of it. Predatory behavior, humans preying on other humans, ranks with global warming and global scarcity of fresh water among the most pressing problems of our crowded world.

All of the "Alexandrian" attempts to create world order by world conquest have resulted in horrendous slaughters of thousands or millions of people, followed always by the oppression and enslavement of thousands or millions more. The smartest smart-bombs cannot create a universal culture or a peaceful world order. Isis was the only conqueror who ever truly conquered the world. She conquered more by love than by war. Her genius and her womb were her "weapons." They worked very well.

About 5000 years ago there was a "Golden Age" when the ruling families of the major powers were members of a royal world-family living in relative peace and harmony. It didn't last long, a few centuries at most. That Golden Age was the nearest thing to a universal culture that this world has ever known. All of the major cultures and major languages of the world today have roots tracing back to Mother Goddess religion and that Golden Age. We need to go back to that beginning to create a new world order in today's world.

Mother Goddess religion was widespread in the ancient world. It was an early attempt at creating a world wide social order of one-world-family living in peace and harmony. The resurrection of a cooperative WorldFamily WorldCulture civilization would reduce much of the predatory behavior that is a root cause of our world at war. The resurrection of Isis is the best path we have available leading to a peaceful and prosperous multicultural global civilization in which many cultures can live side by side in relative peace and harmony in the "Global Village" that is in our future.

The Resurrect Isis website is dedicated to promoting a one-world Global Village civilization. Raiding other peoples' villages in the Global Village can only lead to a world at war without end.

Resurrect Isis. Her time to wake up and rise up to a new day has come.

The Egyptian ankh is the original resurrection symbol.

The original ankh figure began as a simple image of the sun breaking over the horizon at sunrise. It symbolized Assur rising from the long night of death into the light of a new day. Eventually it became the more familiar "sandal strap" ankh which was a combined symbol that represented the life and works of Assur after his resurrection as well as his resurrection. Over time, the ankh symbol evolved into ever more artistic and elaborate forms, but it never lost its original "sunrise" significance.

In later times, Christianity transformed the Egyptian resurrection symbol into the cross of Christ to symbolize Jesus' resurrection. The Christian resurrection was a chapter of the Egyptian resurrection of Assur. The resurrection of Isis is another chapter of that resurrection.
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