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Assur was a legendary king who Isis resurrected from the dead. The resurrection of Assur is the foundation legend of Egyptian civilization.


An Image of Assur seated on his throne. There was an agrarian civilization in the Nile Delta before there was an Egyptian civilization. It was called UrRea. (See ADDENDUM #1 below.) Assur was the legendary founding king of that prehistoric Nile Delta civilization. Storytellers handed down the history of that era in heroic tales for generations before the advent of writing. The foundation legend of Egypt and the resurrection of Assur is the best "story" of prehistory we have.

The life, works, travels, teachings, death, dismemberment, and resurrection of Assur are the foundation legend of Egyptian civilization and religion. Egyptian agriculture, "divine kings," belief in an afterlife, mummification of the dead, construction of the pyramids, these all stem from the resurrection of Assur. Assur was the original Christ who rose from the dead, 4000 years before Jesus.

Following the meltdown of the Ice Age, the original Assur, like a prehistoric Alexander the Great, conquered a vast swath of the ancient world. He and his descendants established a far-flung empire of related kingdoms. That pre-Egyptian Nile Delta civilization, UrRea, was one of them.

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and when daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. . . There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children unto them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Gen. 6: 1-4.
Those giants were Assur and his descendants establishing their early empire.

According to the legend, Assur was the inventor of agriculture. Assur cleared jungles, dug canals, and drained swamps. He discovered which plants were fit for food and which were good for medicine. He taught people the arts of agriculture and animal husbandry. He rid the land of noxious reptiles, weeds, and insects. He established the first kingdom, made laws, abolished cannibalism, and taught people to worship the gods. After he had raised his own people up from savagery, he went about teaching the arts of civilization to the whole world.

While Assur was out on his missionary trips abroad, he left his kingdom in the care of his faithful wife, Isis. Upon returning to the Nile Delta from one of his missionary trips abroad, the evil god Set, and a company of conspirators murdered Assur. They hacked his body into pieces and scattered his severed parts afar.

Isis gathered his scattered parts, put them back together, and resurrected Assur from the dead. By her union with her resurrected king, she begat their son, Heru. Assur went on to become king of the afterlife and judge of the dead. Isis went on to become the EarthMother Goddess. (Isis was the original Eve). Heru went on to become the progenitor of all the Pharaohs and the patriarch of Egyptian civilization. Set went on to become Satan, the god of evil of the Egyptian religion. All the Pharaohs traced their lineage to the gods, Assur, Isis, and Heru.

The Judgment Scene
Assur rendering final judgment of a deceased person.

The Judgement Scene with Assur weighing the heart of a desceased person.

Egyptian royalty, Egyptian religion, the belief in life after death, the construction of the pyramids, hieroglyphic writing, all that we know of historical Egypt, trace their origins to the resurrection of Assur. The parts of Assur that Isis gathered are now letters of our alphabet. The names of the gods are parts of our languages today.

The prehistorical civilization in the Nile Delta was called UrRea. The people of UrRea were UrReans, not Africans. They spoke UrRean languages, not Egyptian. They practiced UrRean hawk god/sun god religion. They didn't become Egyptians until after the birth of Isis and the resurrection of Assur. The pre-Egyptian UrRean civilization in the Nile Delta was related by blood ties to Pre-Sumerian and Pre-Akkadian UrRean civilizations between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
(See the Sunwing page on this website for more about who were the UrReans.)

Assur is known as "Osiris" in conventional mythology. This has caused some confusion in history. The name Osiris is a Greek name. Assur was a pre-Egyptian UrRean god who Isis(Asset) resurrected from the dead before the founding of Egypt. But Egypt wasn't Egypt in the beginning. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, it was called Mis-Ur-Re. Egypt was Mis-Ur-Re before it was Egypt. Mis-Ur-Re was UrRea before it was Mis-Ur-Re. The Greeks changed the name of the country to Egyptos. Then they gave the Egyptian gods Greek names. Osiris was Assur for thousands of years before he was Osiris. This is important because the name Assur forms words and names that the name Osiris does not.

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