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An illustration representing a pre-Columbian ocean crossing.

The Genesis of Isis went everywhere.

Assur's legendary travels carried the Genesis of Isis all over the world. Assur's footprints are still visible all over the world, including North America.

According to the Pagan foundation legend, Assur was the first king of the first kingdom on earth. After he had raised his own people up from savagery, he went about teaching the arts of civilization to the rest of the world. It is well to bear in mind that those missionary travels of Assur were going on AFTER Isis resurrected him from the dead. That is to say, those travels of Assur were minions of Isis carrying the arts of civilization to the rest of the world.

A boat and an array of images of ancient civilizations.

The original Isis was born in east Africa about 6000 years ago. Within 3000 years, her missionaries had reached all parts of the earth.

Minions of Isis had missionaries all over the world in ancient times. While some of her missionaries were teaching the arts of civilization to some of the world, others were out exploring the rest of the world. The diffusion of genes-of-Isis spread further and faster in some areas than it did in others. Conditions of distance, climate, geography, and the character of the people they encountered, all affected the Genesis of Isis.

An array of images representing world exploration.

Monuments and other physical evidence in Central America easily connect Mayan, Aztec, and Inca culture to the Pagan gods and pyramids of Egypt. Lack of monumental evidence in North America makes it more difficult to trace the Genesis of Isis there. However, footprints from Assur's legendary travels are discernable in North America if one knows how and where to look for them.

A plaster casting from an alleged Sasquatch footprint.
The pre-European culture of North America abounds with legends of ancient travelers. Legends of Sasquatch, Long Moccasin, Tejon the Golden Warrior, Yellow Knife, and others are stories carried over from the genesis of Isis. Stories of the Abominable Snowman in Tibet, Big Foot in Oregon, and hairy Sasquatch in Saskatchewan, Canada, are all based on footprints. None of those creatures have ever been seen. They are known only from legends and from reported sightings of their footprints. The symbolic meaning of Big Foot, Long Moccasin, and the footprints of the others, is that they were long distance travelers.

A bearded Mesopotamian 'Golden Warrior.' A naturally beardless Apache warrior. The original Assur and his descendants were Areans.(See the Sunwing page on this web site for a description of who were the Areans.) The minions of Isis who went out exploring the world were Areans. They went out as explorers and visitors, not as conquerors and land-grabbers as later waves of Europeans did. The Areans were large and extremely hairy folks. They had tremendous beards and a lot of body hair. The American Indians were beardless neolithic Asians. Those heavily bearded Areans with their metal weapons left a lasting impression on the cultural memories of the peoples they visited. Those legends of Abominable Snowman, Big Foot, Sasquatch, and other Old World travelers are "footprints" that Assur left behind on his legendary travels.


Scribes of the Thoth school used the names of gods to create words and names. Minions of Isis left a trail of Pagan words and names in North America.

Christian missionaries named the Saint Lawrence River, San Francisco Bay, the San Joaquin Valley, Sierra Madre Mountains (Mexico), and so forth. Those Christian names of places and geographical features are nominal "footprints" that Christian missionaries left behind them. Even if Christianity disappeared from this planet altogether, nominal "footprints" of Christianity would be visible all over the world for thousands of years after its departure. Such is the case with the Pagan missionaries of Isis who explored North America. They left a trail of nominal footprints behind them.

Assur's footprints in North America are visible in the form of words and names that are derived from the names of Pagan gods. Isis was the serpent goddess. The letter S in our alphabet is a picture of the Sacred Asp of Isis. The name Isis is composed of hiss-hiss, two hisses of the Sacred Asp. The sound of letter S is derived from the hiss of the asp. (See the Alphabet S page on this web site.) The letter Q is a picture of the mouth of a water jar with a plume of water pouring forth. The letter Q represents the vulva and natal waters of Isis. The letter Q derives its sound from the sound of swallowing water. (See the Alphabet Q page on this web site.) The letter U is a picture of a water jar. The letter U represents the uterus of the EarthMother Goddess, Isis. The letter U derives its sound from the sound of a water jar. (See the Alphabet U page on this web site.) The letters S + Q + U + a add up to SQUa. The Indian word squaw is a version of SQUa. The word squaw is a compound of the hiss of the asp + the sound of swallowing water. The word squaw says Isis-water, which means she is a daughter of Isis.

There are thousands of names of geographical features in North America that are different formulations of the sounds and imagery of Isis-water. The footprints of Sasquatch were "sighted" in Saskatchewan. Although S-asqua-tch is spelled with asqua and S-aska-tchewan is spelled with aska, they're clearly related words. They both contain Isis-water. The names Sasquatch, Saskatchewan, and Saskatoon(the town), are all derived from the native Cree word Misasqwatomin. The name Misasqwatomin is the original Indian name for the Saskatoon River. The Mis-as-qwa-tomin River clearly contains the name Mother-Isis-water.

North America abounds with rivers named Isis-water and Mother-Isis-water. The Susque-hanna River in Pennsylvania is another Isis-water river. The Massasagua River in Ontario, the Massa-pe-qua River in New York, and the Mississ-ippi River all contain some form of Mother-Isis-water. The town of Issaquah (Isis-water), Washington probably got its name from a river of that name. Siskiyou, the name of the National Forest, was probably once the name of an Isis-water river.

The name Alaska is derived from the Aleut Indian name Alyeska. The name Alyeska contains Al + eska = Alyesqua. The Al in Alyeska is from the ancient phallic god El. (The ancient phallic god El was the father of the Canaanite god Ba'al.) The name Assur is a later day "Isis name" for the ancient phallic god El. Hence, the American name Alaska is ultimately derived from Assur + Isis-water. The list of North American Indian names that are derived from the names of Pagan gods would fill a large dictionary. Minions of Isis definitely left nominal "footprints" all over North America.

ADDENDUM #2 04/11/2003

The Missouri River was named after the Nile River in Egypt.

Egyptian hieroglyphics were written only in consonants. They used no vowels. The Egyptian hieroglyphic name for Egypt was MSR. The name of MSR Egypt with vowels included was Mis-Ur-Re-a. The name Mis-Ur-Re-a is a compound of Mother Isis + Ur, the hawk god, + Re, the sun god + a, the earth. The name Mis-Ur-Re-a meant Mother-Isis-Area. The river flowing through Mother-Isis-Area was the Mis-ur-Re River. Minions of Isis in North America named the Missouri River after the Mis-ur-Re River in MSR Egypt.

Resurrect Isis. Let universal love and mutual respect govern our affairs. May we have a WorldCulture civilization that includes North America living in peace with the rest of the world.

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