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Arabic Number 5 is a symbolic representation of Assur from the classical Judgment Scene.

An illustration combining Assur on the Judgment Throne and the number 5.

The number 5 depicts Assur seated upon his Judgment Throne.

According to the foundation legend of Egypt, Isis resurrected Assur from the dead. After his resurrection, Assur went on to become the king of the afterlife and judge of the dead. The number 5 represents Assur in his role as judge of the dead.

In Egyptian religion, Thoth was "the scribe of the gods." Thereby, Thoth was the god of scribes. Scribes of the Thoth school were the educated intelligentsia of Egyptian civilization. Thoth was the "inventor of writing and of numbers." Scribes of the Thoth school created our Roman alphabet and the Arabic numbers. All of the alphabets and numbers they created are pictures of Pagan religious icons derived from the legend of Assur and Isis.

The number 5 is a complex figure.

Many individual parts of Assur are letters of our Roman alphabet. The number 5 symbol combines a number of individual parts of Assur into a single symbol. The horizontal top bar of the 5 represents the beard of Assur. The beard of Assur by itself is the letter J in our alphabet. The upright back member of the 5 represents the backbone of Assur. The backbone of Assur by itself is the letter I in our alphabet. A portion of the curved part of the 5 represents the thigh and lower leg of Assur. The lower leg of Assur is the letter L in our alphabet. The bottom portion of the curved part of number 5 represents the Maat ''truth mat" upon which Assur's throne rests. The Maat truth mat upon which Assur's throne rests is the number 4 in this number set. Altogether, the number 5 is a compound symbol representing the whole Assur including his principle functions as the founding god of Pagan civilization.


The number 5 represents Assur in his role as judge of the dead after his resurrection.

Assur was the first enlightened human being, like Moses, Jesus, or Buddha, of whom there is any record. There was only a verbal record of his works and teachings. By the dawn of writing, Assur was already an ancient deified ancestor. Assur was the original Adam. Unlike Biblical Adam, Assur was not considered to be the first human being. He was revered as the first human who was "wise" .

A version of the Judgment Scene from the Eighteenth Dynasty

The Pagan belief in life after death, and subsequently the Christian belief in life after death, sprung from the resurrection of Assur. Paganism and Christianity both require a moral life on earth and a final judgment after death to gain a desirable place in the afterlife. The number 5 is a picture of Assur seated on the Judgment Throne in the classical Judgment Scene where he renders the final judgment of a deceased person's life on earth.


Egyptian religion and Egyptian civilization began with the resurrection of Assur.

A pre-Pagan UrRe sunwing  of hawk god/sun god religion. A UrReUs sunwing  of Pagan Isis religion. In prehistoric times before his resurrection (before writing) there was an UrRe religion based on the works and teachings of Assur. UrRe religion was a mixture of hawk god, sun god, and ancestor worship. Pagan religion began with the birth of Isis and the resurrection of Assur. After Isis resurrected Assur from the dead, Pagan religion replaced the prehistoric UrRe religion throughout the Mediterranean region.
(See the Sunwing page on this website for a further discussion of UrRe religion.)
(See the The Genesis of Isis page on this website for a discussion of the Genesis of Pagan religion throughout the Mediterranean region.)

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