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The capital (majuscule) letter X symbolizes Assur as the GodFather of humankind and the God of resurrection.

The majuscule letter X is a picture of the crook and flail of Assur.

Crook and Flail with letter X in large print

Assur in mummified form holding his crook and flail Assur seated on the Judgment Throne holding his crook and flail

According to the Pagan foundation legend, Assur was the "inventor" of agriculture and animal husbandry. In the classical Judgment Scene, Assur is usually colored green to identify him as the god of agriculture. The crook and flail identify Assur as the founding father of the early pastoral and agrarian civilizations. The shepherd's crook identifies him as the deified ancestor of those who were herders of sheep. The grain flail identifies him as the ancestral deity of farmers. Assur was the model for Biblical Adam, the father of Cain and Abel.

Assur was the original God. Assur led two lives. His first life was in the prehistorical period following the meltdown of the Ice Age. He was the first deified ancestor of whom there are any records. Assur was the founding GodFather of the early UrRean civilizations. The name UrRean is composed of the names of Ur, the Hawk God plus Re, the Sun God. The UrReans were followers of an ancient HawkGod SunGod religion. Founding the first civilizations after the meltdown of the Ice Age was Assur's first life. The majuscule letter X symbolizes the genetic crossing of all of civilized humankind through GodFather Assur.
(For more about the name UrRean and the UrRean religion, see the Sunwing page on this web site.)

Isis resurrected Assur from the dead. The original Assur was an enlightened being before the advent of writing. His legacy and teachings were handed on by word of mouth for generations before they were written. An ancient empire and religion were founded upon his works and teachings. Over a long period of time, that ancient empire fell into decay and disarray. Isis rejuvenated that ancient empire and religion. That was the resurrection of Assur. Following his resurrection, Assur went on to become the father of all humankind via the womb of Isis. Being the FatherGod of humankind and the God of resurrection was Assur's second life.

Egyptian religion and Egyptian civilization began with the resurrection of Assur. The Egyptian belief in an afterlife, their mummification of the dead, hieroglyphic writing, the construction of the pyramids, all that we recognize as "Egyptian" sprung from the resurrection of Assur. The original legend of Assur was an oral tradition that went back to the dawn of human civilization. The original legend of Assur was the foundation legend of human civilization. The resurrection of Assur was the foundation legend of Egyptian civilization.

The minuscule letter x represents a dead person.

The mummified remains of Rameses III with arms crossed in hopes of resurrection like Assur A mock burial of a modern man with his arms crossed reminiscent of ancient burials.

The minuscule letter w represents an old person. The minuscule letter x represents a dead person. In the original sense, when someone spoke of their ex marriage-partner or ex boss, it meant that someone had died. When some one is "crossed off" a list, or "crossed out," it means in the original sense that they're dead. In ancient times, people who were deceased were traditionally buried with their arms crossed in the position of Assur with his arms crossed. That ancient Pagan tradition carried over into early Christianity. Even though that burial tradition is no longer in vogue in actual burials, the tradition still lives on in the cultural memories of people.

The outer coffin of Rameses with the crossed crook and flail of Assur on the lid. A modern coffin with a Christian cross on the lid.

According to Biblical tradition, Mary and Joseph were on their way to Egypt when Jesus was born. Nearly nothing is known of Jesus for the first thirty years of his life. The name Jesus is composed of J + Isis, the beard of Assur plus the name of Isis. There can be little doubt that Jesus grew up in Egypt and was educated in the Egyptian religious tradition. Assur was the god of resurrection for three thousand years before Jesus was born. There can be little doubt that the resurrection of Jesus was a manifestation of the legend of Assur. (See the Alphabet Page J page on this website.) The crossed crook and flail of Assur was a symbol of resurrection for thousands of years before Jesus was born. The Christian cross as a symbol of resurrection is a direct descendant of the crossed crook and flail of Assur as a symbol of resurrection.

The sound of letter x requires a lengthy explanation.

With many letters of the alphabet, the sound of the letter is derived from the function of the minuscule letter, the earth symbol. The letter x is a symbol of death and resurrection. Death is silent. The sound of letter x is not discernable from its function. However, the name of letter x(eqs) is related to death and resurrection.

In Pagan symbolism, water is the usual symbol of life. Isis is the EarthMother Goddess; she is the mother of life. In the alphabet, the majuscule letter Q is a picture of the mouth of a water jar with a plume of water pouring forth from the jar. The majuscule letter Q represents the vulva of Isis with the natal waters of the EarthMother Goddess pouring forth from her womb. The majuscule letter U is a picture of a water jar that represents the uterus of Isis. The sound of letter Q is derived from the sound of swallowing water. The sound of letter U is derived from the sound of a water jar. The word aqua is the Latin name for water. The word aqua is a compound of the sound of swallowing water and the sound of the water jar.

For reasons that are too lengthy to explain here, a North American Indian word serves better than any available Latin word to explain the name of letter x.
(See the Isis in North America page on this website.)

In Pagan symbolism, water is symbolic of life. The American Indian word squaw(squa), meaning a woman, is a compound of hiss+qua, the hiss of the asp and the sound of swallowing water. The word squaw(hiss+qua) says Isis water. The name of letter x(eqs) is also a compound of hiss+qua, Isis water. The name eqs is squa said backwards. Isis was the goddess of resurrection. Saying squa(Isis water) in reverse is intended to suggest returning from death to life. The letter x is a symbol of death and resurrection. Its name eqs, Isis-water-said-backwards, is derived from that tradition.

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Isis is frequently shown wearing a particular sash around her waist. The Isis sash is a "genetic crossing" symbol comparable to Assur's crook and flail.

Images of Isis and Assur wearing the 'genetic crossing' sash.

A letter X in large type with Assur's crook and flail. A midsection view of Isis wearing the 'genetic crossing' sash.

Assur and Isis were the Adam and Eve of the Pagans. Biblical Adam was the father of Cain and Abel. Cain was a tiller of the ground. Abel was a keeper of sheep. Assur's grain flail and shepherds crook identify him as the Pagan's Adam. He was the ancestral father of the earliest agrarian and pastoral civilizations who were tillers of the ground and keepers of sheep. The majuscule letter X in our alphabet is a picture of Assur's crook and flail. The letter X represents Assur's resurrection from the dead. Letter X also represents the "genetic crossing" of the agrarian and pastoral nations who were descendants of Assur. Pagan genealogies all "crossed" in Isis and Assur.

Assur also is sometimes depicted wearing the 'genetic crossing' sash. In his case it was a superfluous ornament. His crook and flail already identified Assur as the GodFather Adam of the Pagans before the sash was added. Perhaps it was the work of later generations of teachers who sought to clarify matters for their theology students.

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