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The symbols that are letters of the Roman alphabet and the Arabic numbers are religious icons derived from the legend of Isis and Assur.

The Judgment Scene from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Pictured above is an abreviated version of the classical Judgment Scene in which Assur(Osiris), the king of the afterlife and judge of the dead, renders the final judgment of a deceased person in the weighing of the heart ceremony. Many of our letters and numbers are visible in their original forms in just this much of the Judgment Scene.

According to the "phonetic" theory of the alphabet, the old Phoenician alphabet evolved from earlier forms of picture-writing. The Greeks then adapted the Phoenician alphabet to write Greek. The Romans subsequently adapted the Greek alphabet to write Latin. Thus, the Roman alphabet evolved through stages of development from the old Phoenician alphabet.

That isn't exactly what happened. The old Phoenician alphabet did evolve from earlier forms of picture-writing. Hence, the concept of alphabetical writing evolved from picture writing. However, even though the concept of alphabetical writing began with the Phoenician alphabet, not all susequent alphabets evolved from the Phoenician alphabet. The Roman alphabet did not evolve from the Phoenician alphabet nor from any form of picture-writing. The Roman alphabet is a set of Pagan religious icons derived directly from the legend of Isis and Assur.

According to the foundation legend of Egypt, Thoth was the "scribe of the gods." He was the "inventor of writing and of numbers." Scribes of the Thoth school lifted the letters of the Roman alphabet directly from Egyptian art. It didn't evolve from picture writing. Most of the majuscule letters of the Roman alphabet, the Greek alphabet, and the Arabic numbers are clearly visible in one version or other of the classical Judgment Scene.

A portion of the Judgment Scene in which some letters and numbers are clearly visible.

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