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About The EarthMother Goddess Isis.

The Goddess Isis was a real person. She wasn't born a Goddess. She was a great, powerful, enlightened woman who was deified as a goddess after her death. A great world religion was founded on her works and teachings. This website is dedicated to restoring Isis to her rightful place in history and in the living memory of humankind.

African figure with receeding forehead

Ethiopian girl with parted eyebrow and full rounded forehead.

Isis is Eve. The original Isis was born a natural genius. She was "twice wise." She was born about 6000 years ago in that area of Africa which later became Ethiopia. She was born amongst a race of Homo sapiens who had a flat forehead and one eyebrow without the gap at the middle. Isis had a high rounded forehead and a parted eyebrow. She was a mutant. She was the first of her kind. She was the first "twice wise" Homo sapien sapien with two eyebrows. She is the ancestral mother of the present species of Homo sapiens sapiens, twice-wise humans with two eyebrows.

The words Genesis, genius, and genus, are all derived from genes-of-Isis. The Genesis of Isis went everywhere. Her twice-wise genus has since become the genotype of all humankind.

The throne atop her head and the babe at her breast identify Isis as the founding mother of the Egyptian kingdom, religion, and civilization. Her bloodline founded Egypt and other great civilizations. The Genesis of Isis went everywhere. She is the founding mother of all that is human civilization of this day.

Egyptian Isis nursing Heru Roman Isis nursing Caesar

The Goddess Isis, was a deified ancestress who was deified for good reason. Isis was a brilliant, powerful and enlightened being like a Buddha, a Moses, or Jesus. A great world religion was founded upon her teachings and her deeds. Her religion was annihilated and her followers were brutally suppressed, partly because she was a woman, but mostly for political reasons.

Monotheists were engaged in a political power struggle to gain control of the Roman Empire. The patrician "fathers" of Rome were Pagans of the Isis bloodline. That made them "descendants of the gods." Their descent from the gods gave them hereditary control of the empire. Their Isis bloodline was the source of their legitimacy as hereditary rulers. The monotheists who were not descendants of the gods, who were not "patricians" of the Isis bloodline, had no legitimate claims to political power. The monotheists had powerful motives to eliminate the Isis bloodline as the only path to political power in Rome.

Classical Roman Profile Those Roman patricians of the Isis bloodline were some of the original "highbrows." They had the high foreheads and parted eyebrows that set them as a race apart from, and above, the people they governed. They were alarmed because the Temple of Isis was spreading the Genesis of Isis to the lower classes. The patrician fathers couldn't bear the thought of commoners and slaves being of the same bloodline as themselves. Pagan Roman royalty had little interest in protecting the Temple of Isis from the monotheists. It served their interests to see the Temple destroyed.

Christian Madonna Isis nursing Jesus The monotheist conquest of Rome was a long and brutal revolution. The Temple of Isis was trying to breed the masses up out of their ignorance and misery. In so doing, the goddess of love placed herself in the middle of a war in which both sides had an interest in her destruction. Before Rome fell to the monotheists, Pagan emperors paid lip-service to protecting the Temple of Isis, but they did nothing. They let the Temple fall to the monotheists. All that is left of Isis' religion today is submerged in Christianity.

Her life and her works have been grossly misrepresented and distorted in history. She has been unjustly exiled into the darknes of ignorance and "mythology." She is sadly unknown and underappreciated by us all.

Idealized caricature of African woman, front view Today, we are all wearing the mark of Isis in the middle of our foreheads. Isis is the EarthMother Goddess. She is the ancestral mother of all people who have two eyebrows. The Genesis of Isis' genius has already reached all of humankind. We are all Homo sapiens sapiens, "twice wise" humans. Children of Isis, now includes everyone on earth. We are a WorldFamily of EarthMother's chidren. Once we recognize who and what she was, and realize who and what we are, we will be able to lay aside our family squabbles. We will be able to build a WorldCulture civilization that leaves out no part of humanity.

Resurrect Isis. Her message is love. Let world civilization begin.

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